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Divorce Mediation

East Texas Mediator Helps Separated Individuals Resolve Disputes

Concerned mediator helps separated parties in the Marshall area avoid the stress of trial

An increasing number of couples today are choosing an uncontested approach to divorce.  Many couples are choosing mediation to avoid the financial cost of hiring two attorneys or to avoid the costs of a protracted  divorce battle.

For many couples, mediation is a better way to settle controversies outside the civil court system.  Although the  legal issues of divorce can be complex,  I have a solid background in family law that could help spouses reach an amicable solution to such technical matters as  spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, visitation, and paternity issues.  Mediation is a process that allows couples to discover solutions that minimizes anger and maximizes a personalized workable solution.  Rather than taking time to attend court hearings, the parties work together in a confidential setting to find solutions that meet the needs and interests of the parties and their children.

Mediation offers an accessible and affordable option for divorcing parties

Although the parties may have adverse interests, mediation allows the couple to have difficult conversations in a safe environment.  With the guidance of a qualified mediator, the parties are empowered to discuss their goals and create options for their future.  From the beginning of the mediation process, everything is transparent and the mediator is prohibited from acting as an advocate or  giving legal advice.  Mediation offers an opportunity for parties to work together,  which allows for a less timely and less expensive divorce.

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